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applyFilters( "reorder_areas", zIndexList );

Filters the z-index values of all visible areas and the overlay modal.


(object) Defines the new z-index of all areas. Object-key is the Area-ID, object-value is the z-index.


// Example of zIndexList
console.log( zIndexList );

> {
>    "#popup-1", 10000,
>    "#popup-2", 10002,
>    "overlay", 10001 
> }

// Force the overlay behind all Popups (not behind the top-most popup).
DiviArea.applyFilters( 'reorder_areas', function( zIndexList ) {
    if ( zIndexList.overlay ) {
        // Move the overlay behind the first area.
        zIndexList.overlay = DiviArea.Utils.getOption('zIndex') - 1;
    return zIndexList;


When a z-index value is set to 0/false/undefined, that Area will not be modified and keep its current z-index position.

For Divi Areas Pro: The zIndexList object does not contain inline Areas. However, you can add Inline Area IDs to the return value if you want to set their z-index value.

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