doAction( “before_hide_area” )

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DiviArea.doAction( 'before_hide_area', area, hideIds );
DiviArea.doAction( 'before_hide_area_{id}', area, hideIds );

Fires before an Area is hidden. The second parameter notifies the callback about Areas that will also be hidden together with this Area.

The {id} part in the hook name is the sanitized area-ID (all lower case, dashes changed to underscores).


(DiviAreaItem) The Area which will be hidden.
(array) List of Area IDs that will be hidden before the current Area is hidden.


// Save a Cookie/localStorage detail when an Area is closed. 
DiviArea.addAction( 'before_hide_area', function( area, hideIds ) {
    var key = area.getKey() + '_state';
    DiviArea.Utils.setLocalData( key, 'closed' );


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