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Close Button Customizer

Add settings to customize the Close Button: Change Size, Shape (round/square/no outline), Position (inside Popup, outside Popup, in corner of the Screen) Define Colors (normal and hover) Choose an Icon or enter Text

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1 vote

Add Arrow to Hover Areas

Add an option to show an arrow in Hover Areas that points up to the trigger element.

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1 vote

Use Divi Areas to password protect a page

Option 1: An Inline Area that displays a password form and reloads the page on success. Option 2: Show a Popup that can only be closed by entering the correct password Either set the password in the Divi Area or use the option “Replace default WP protection page” to use the password that is set […]

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1 vote

Run JS on Area event

Offer fields to enter JS code that is executed on certain Area Events. Suggested evens (might not all be possible): When Area is registered When Area is first opened When Area is opened (every time) When Area is closed When a form inside the Area is submitted (e.g. contact form submit) When a link inside […]

Under Review Category: General 1 comment
1 vote

Schedule Areas (by Date or Interval)

Automatically activate an Area on a specific date and disable it again on another date or after a set interval (like 7 days later)

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