Sharing Your Data With Us

Our premium plugins offer the option to share anonymous data in alignment with the WordPress Plugin Guidelines. This is a great and effortless way to support us and help to improve our plugins further!

You can enable or disable the data sharing option on the plugin settings page at Settings | General | Share anonymous data.

Why this is important

We want to develop plugins that are easy to use, flexible, and help you solve your daily problems. We depend on your feedback to understand how you interact with our current plugins and what you are using them for.

What we do with your data

Any details that we collect through our plugins are solely used by staff. We never sell, lend, or make your data accessible to any third party. We use those details to understand our customers better, to improve our plugins, and create relevant (help) content.

What data is shared with us

Our plugin might transfer the following details to our server:


  1. The version of our plugin, Divi, WordPress, and PHP
  2. Whether you use the Divi Theme or the Divi Builder plugin
  3. The Divimode plugin settings, except license codes

Divi Areas Pro:

  1. Number of Divi Areas, grouped by layout type, post status, and post type

🤓 Heads-up: Your data is absolutely anonymous. There is no way to backtrack collected data to a certain website, license number, email, or identity.

What data is not shared

We do not collect any of the following details:

  1. No personal data
  2. No license codes or order numbers
  3. No email addresses, user IDs, or login data
  4. No URLs or IP addresses
  5. No content or titles WordPress posts

🤓 Heads-up: Usage data is sent from your web server (e.g., via a daily cron task). This is super private, as this process only exposes your server’s IP address but  not any of your browser details (we do not see your personal IP, location, cookies, etc.).

Updated on September 8, 2022