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AvatarBalk Laszlo asked 2 months ago


Popupfor Divi 3.03 is the version currently used on the site, but previously configured popups are completely broken.

The exit pop-up window doesn’t work at all, and there’s one that worked at the touch of a button, now it simply scrolls the page to the top. And that is all.

It’s very awful that things once configured have to be reconfigured after an upgrade because it refuses to work.

Yet my website isn’t even great, what if there were hundreds of pages. I must be very angry.

The point is, what can you suggest, I created these pop-ups before the popup builder was built into the editor, but I had to enter the css IDs manually, and so on.

The page where you can check:


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AvatarPhilipp Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi Balk Laszlo,

Thanks for providing all those details and sorry about the issues with your Popups.

I’ve had a look at your website and found some JavaScript errors that happen during page load. Very likely, those errors prevent our plugin from correctly loading.

When you inspect the message, you can see that the errors are caused by a WP Rocket optimization. Performance optimization can be a little risky, as the wrong "optimization" can quickly break other scripts and functions on your website.

–> This issue is not related to Popups for Divi, but caused by WP Rocket. Please review your optimizations. My first bet is, that you need to disable "Delay JavaScript Execution"

For a quick test, you can temporarily deactivate WP Rocket and confirm that all Popups behave as they should.

I hope that helps