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AvatarJames asked 8 months ago


On some popups that I have, some of the content doesn’t appear when I first click on the popup. If I click off of it and click on another popup and then click on the first popup, the missing content is then displayed. Can you think of why this is and how to resolve this issue?

Kind regards

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AvatarPhilipp Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi James,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about those problems. This behavior is typical for a jQuery error. It’s usually caused by some outdated components – can you check, if you have installed the latest version of WordPress (v5.8.1) and Divi (v4.10.8)?

If both are up-to-date, then you’re possibly using a child theme or a plugin that loads an older version of jQuery.

Maybe you have installed the "Enable jQuery Migrate Helper" plugin (if yes -> disable it)

Let me know if you could solve the problem with those details, or if you need further assistance.

Thanks, Philipp 🙂

AvatarJames answered 8 months ago

Hello Philipp,

I have checked and both the WordPress and divi are up to date and I checked the child theme and from what I can tell, it is using an up to date version of jQuery and the issue is still happening. Can you think of what else might be causing this issue?

Kind regards


AvatarPhilipp Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi James,

One other thing that comes to mind are the new performance options in Divi:

If you head over to "wp-admin | Divi | Theme Options" have a look at the tab "General | Performance". You can try to temporarily disable options like "Defer third party scripts", "Defer jQuery", or "Dynamic JavaScript libraries". I’ve also seen some sites experience issues caused by "Dynamic CSS".

Let me know, if disabling one of those options solves the problem for you.

In case those options have no effect on the Popup behavior, feel free to hit the "Help" button on the right side and send us a message with the URL to your website. I can have a quick look at the website and let you know what I could find out.

Have a great day! Philipp