DiscussionsCategory: Popups for DiviPopups for Divi – still not working
AvatarPaul asked 2 months ago

Is it only me or this plugin just doesn\’t work??? There\’s no Popups tab at all. WP is 5.8.2, Popups 3.0.3 and Divi 4.14.2

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AvatarPhilipp Staff answered 2 months ago

Hey Paul,
Thanks for using Popups for Divi and sorry to hear about those starting problems.
Please make sure that you edit the section settings –> the “Popup” tab is only visible for sections (not for modules, rows, or columns). In your screenshot I can see an image module.
Also, here’s a short video that walks you through the steps of creating your first Popup: divimode.com/knowledge-base/video-create-your-first-popup
Philipp 🙂