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AvatarMartin asked 5 months ago


I’m interrested to buy Divi Area Pro. But have some questions first.

Have tried to contact you on 3 different path, by chat, contact-form and direct email to info@divimode.com.

Now I saw some answer from Phillip 2 days ago in this public forum. So I thought maybe this path will work.

Would be great to get some reply. Unfortunatellypm ,y forst try with this Forum, I get the error-return: Are you cheating huh?

So I try it again, this time with login with a new created DiviMode Account. Maybe the email-TLD is the problem. With login, this should be work. You will see my email in my account.

Hope it will find his way and hear something from you.

Best regards


AvatarPhilipp Staff replied 5 months ago

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AvatarPhilipp Staff answered 5 months ago

Welcome to the forum @Martin!

I hear you about our recent responsiveness – we’re swamped by support requests due to the Divi summer sale and the huge performance update of Divi shortly before that.

Unfortunately, our plugin is not yet fully compatible with all the Divi performance features, so we’re focussing to update our plugin to address those new issues as a top priority.

I hope you’re okay if I reply to your email here, as it’s a general question that might help others as well:

Q: Is it possible to split a form into multiple Popups? E.g. popup1 "First name" > popup2 "email" > popup3 "phone" and submit button.

[thanks for the clear description!]

The short answer is: No.

More detailed answer: Our plugin supports multi-step wizards. However, each step in that wizard is a pre-defined layer of Divi sections/modules. If you can find a way to split that form into multiple Divi sections on a regular page (without a Popup) then you have excellent chances, to convert that solution into a popups-wizard. However, I’m not aware of any modules/plugins that can create such a split form.

Possible workarounds:

  1. Use a form plugin that can handle multi-page forms out-of-the-box. We make heavy use of WPMU DEVs Forminator plugin and frequently create multi-page forms. You can embed such a form into a Popup (via shortcode); as a result, you will have one popup with a multi-page form.

  2. With some custom JavaScript, you can create a true multi-popup workflow yourself. It’s easy to create such a workflow using custom HTML (for the input fields). It’s perfectly possible with Divi Areas Pro by using the JS API. It just requires some hours of custom coding and testing. The tricky part is (a) form validation – e.g. is the first name empty? Is the email valid? – and (b) the last step, that needs to collect details from the previous popups and submit all values in a single form.

Please let me know if you have any other questions and I do my best to reply timely