DiscussionsCategory: Popups for DiviIssue with popup on blog images and form not working on home page
AvatarGinnie Rowe asked 3 months ago

I have created a popup which is working great but its showing up when you click on a blog image. Anyway of stopping this?

The images on the blog posts link to the blog post itself.

I have set up the popup to trigger when the link on a button or image is set to #home. I don’t have the popup id on any of the images that have been added to the blog posts.

Also we noticed that the form (built in Gravity Forms) is not working on the home page but works on any of the other pages. Any ideas why this would be happening?

Here is a video showing the issues.



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AvatarPhilipp Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi Ginnie,

I think you’ve already fixed the issue. But for the record, here is what (possibly) happened:

Your Popup has the ID #night-sky, that means that every button/Link with the URL #night-sky will open the Popup. You might have a Module-Link / Section-Link with the target #night-sky. To find your, click anywhere in the white space between the blog-images and see if the Popup opens. Most likely it will.

If that’s the case: Please inspect the Section. Make sure it has no Section-Link and also make sure that it does not use the same ID (i.e. it should not use the ID night-sky!) as that can confuse our plugin in some cases.

Also check your Row and Column settings for the same issue.

Please let me know in case some other steps solved the issue for you, so we can check if it’s actually a bug in the plugin logic.

Thanks 🙂