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AvatarV asked 4 months ago

I have inserted a Code Module containing a Hubspot form embed code inside of a Divi Popup section and it does not display in Chrome or Microsoft Edge. It does display in Firefox. I have tried updating Divi and any Divi related plugins on my site. It will not display inside of the popup. When I take it out of the popup section, it does display. The popup still opens in both cases, it just has nothing displaying inside of it for Chrome/Edge.

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AvatarPhilipp Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi V,

Popups for Divi is great at displaying static content (i.e. regular Divi Modules).

However, code that generates dynamic content, such as your Hubspot integration, is a more advanced topic. Those code snippets can work in Popups for Divi, but this is more a gamble, as every visitor might experience different results: For one visitor, the form might work, for the next one it might not load at all.

That’s why we have added special support for dynamic content to Divi Areas Pro. After installing it, your existing Popups will instantly display the Hubspot form correctly. You do not need to modify the Popup at all, just having the premium plugin will load the additional JavaScript module to add HubSpot support.

And yes, I know this is a bit "salesy", but loading dynamic content inside Popups frequently generates (complex) support requests and was rather difficult to test/develop. It’s not a quick 1-line-solution, but took us weeks to develop, so we feel like it’s a real premium option.

I hope you understand that, and I invite you to test out Divi Areas Pro.