Placing a Divi contact form module inside a Popups for Divi modal has got the result that after pressing the submit button, the popup closes on site reload without any feedback on success nor failure and without sending any message.

My research pointed out, that the Divi contact form module is missing some AJAX calls to interact with the popup. So it seems that Divi contact form module is responsible for the trouble and not Popups for Divi.

However, I\’m interested in where and how to inject the missing parts ideally. Another third-party plugin like Contact Form 7 is not an option and I\’d like to prefer fixing the issue. As I\’m quite new to Elegant Themes\’ Divi and Popups for Divi, could someone please give some hints on this, maybe by providing links to related discussions, docs or snippets that could help?

What API actions/calls/hooks/functions of Popups for Divi, Divi contact form module and WordPress are relevant while validating and sending a contact forms from inside a modal?

What do you think? Is it easy enough to set up a solution on top of what\’s already given or isn\’t it worth the hassle creating a fix that might break on updates?

Is it a better idea to start from scratch, leaving Divi for Popups and Divi contact form module behind? Maybe by creating a dedicated WordPress or Divi plugin that incorporates PHP Mailer and jQuery popups?

Thank you for all comments.